About Us


This site is not only to help passionate rugby 7's fans worldwide with teams merchandise but has this vision to help nurture and invest in under-privileged kids, schools and clubs in Fiji that is a nursery of the Rugby 7's World Champions of tomorrow. This island nation have untapped raw talented and skilful players that need international exposure. Funding is the major setback in the islands thus most of the talents are not fully utilised to their maximum potential. Our goal is to setup a Rugby 7's Academy in Fiji. Ultimately, our vision is a vision that is shared by every serious and passionate athlete who considers their personal best not as a benchmark but to be able to think outside the box and strive to be the best of the best, having the mindset that nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing and the limit is beyond the skies. We would like to instil this into the minds of our young rugby 7's players so that one day they could be the best of the best and receive a Gold Medal in Rugby 7's at the Olympics.